We want to see all waiting children placed in a family in which they can thrive

To that end, we will work to facilitate the adoption of the worlds waiting children into loving christian homes by giving financial assistance to families, and advocating for those children who are waiting in institutions or in foster care.

November is National Adoption Month

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Meet the S Family

Rachel and Danny have six children and are in the process of adopting a young boy from Bulgaria. The family had planned to adopt after their biological children were older, but Rachel said, “Every assumption and hope and plan changed in February 2020 when we saw our daughter’s face on…a website for waiting children…a few weeks later, we saw our son.” Although they hadn’t prepared for it, God showed them His plan for adoption which included parenting children with severe special needs. Now, three years later, they feel called to once again bring home a child God placed in their heart. They state, “Every assumption we had about the path our family would take was inaccurate once more when…after many life changes and surprises, we realized we were meant to adopt again.” Rachel and Danny express that this son “has spent far too long as an orphan…not having a family of his own.” If you would like to help this family or one of the other families we give financial assistance to, please click on the donate button or email us at marybethosowski@betheone1.org.